New Age Social Media Growth Guide Ebook

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This Social Media Guide provides a breakdown of various growth techniques and strategies that can be implemented to help your brand maintain a strong online presence. The guide also consists of various strategic & planning activities that will help you grow your brand.


A social strategy in the virtual world is more like a wildlife survival of the fittest game. Imagine you were stranded on a deserted island with little knowledge of the availability of resources, no escape route, and the need for a colossal amount of effort and energy that would go in keeping you alive and help you build a haven. This guide will help you do just that.

New Age Social Media Growth Guide Ebook

5 reviews for New Age Social Media Growth Guide Ebook

  1. Muskan Chourey

    The book is jam-packed with relevant information, activities and innovative ideas about digital marketing. The systematic approach to help the readers grow their business utilized by the author helps them understand the content easily. Also, the practical strategies and personal tips make this book a must-buy for entrepreneurs and marketing entusiasts.

  2. Alvina Begum Zeba

    I liked how the content was just right, nor too lengthy neither short. It will be helpful for newbies who whats to expand their business on social media and freshers who are starting their business. Also to that section of people who already have a good business but are not familiar with the technology and importance of social media for their business. It covers all main social media platforms and it is not too detailed as well which is good, otherwise it becomes boring and people get deviated from the actual matter.
    This content can also be used in school/college business books to give a gist of social media marketing. I don’t think any of the school books have this content or talk about social media marketing. We are still using old books which do not cover this.

  3. Ritika

    Well social media marketing is whats trending today and this book is a package of all the going on trends in today’s scenario. The book is full fledge package of building best marketing techniques for business and also helped me to gain knowledge of digital marketing.

  4. Shivani Srivastava

    During the era of information technology, the medium of doing business has entirely changed. This e-Book provides the informative content to market the business online with the help of various tools. This e-Book is highly recommended for those who want of to get an insight of the digital marketing in its raw. I would recommend to buy this book because it is very simple and worth the price.

  5. Shivam Juneja

    This piece of information has a bundle of insightful views towards the process of growth of the online business. The various factors and measures mentioned in the e-Book will help in having a drastic change in the welfare of the organization with full efficiency. I will recommend this e-Book to everyone out there.
    I appreciate the work done by the author to collate the best information at a single place and present it in an interactive way.

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