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We bring to you a range of digital marketing solutions that will help propel your brand into the future. A growing team of Digital Marketing Professionals and Content Creation enthusiasts, providing social media management, Content Creation, Online Events, Influencer Access and Paid Ad campaigns.


The best Digital Marketing, Community Management & Marketing Professionals working on your team.


Avail expert opinions and recommendations on various Business & Digital Marketing Strategy implementations.

Social Media Management/Paid Ad Campaigns

Access to your very own Organic/Paid Social media campaign management team.

Influencer Portfolio

List of relevant influencers with high audience engagement metrics for your brand.

Interactive Content

Access to interactive content/Event opportunities online for your audience carefully curated by our team of media specialists as the world transitions into a future of ‘Stay Home, Consume More’.


Our project managers will be in direct contact with you and will help you navigate through all your brand needs & implementations.


Specially curated Online Events/Webinar Content for your brand by Community Experts. Reach  us to know more.

Feedback means

Access to a monthly report analysing your brand growth.


Personalised campaigns and packages based on individual brand requirements.


Laser-sharp focus on helping your brand reach its target audience and generate quality engagements.


Metrics included will allow your brand to constantly improve on its strategies and fine-tune internal marketing operations.

Social media Integration

Seamlessly integrate all your social media channels for crystal clear & high frequency messaging with the help of our team.


Focus on only numbers significant to your brand.


Options to upgrade and include Add-on services gradually.


We also take care of your Lead generation requirements via various organic/paid sources.


If needed, offline-physical events to be conducted to further strengthen community relations.

Support and upgrades

Reach our support team for any upgrades/changes at any time.


To be on every channel is easy. To be on every channel simultaneously and with similar levels of engagement is difficult. This is where your ‘SPECTRA TEAM’ steps in.


Find the right influencers with high levels of audience engagement and traffic for your brand to help you reach your desired target audience. 

"Every brand needs a personality , a voice and a platform that helps it amplify its reach. At Spectra, we believe in connecting Strategy & Creativity with Consistency. Our dedicated team of marketing professionals will help you strengthen your brand identity and reach the audience that seeks you"

Shaikh Abbas

Founder, business spectra

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Help your brand find what it truly needs. “The Right Audience”

Let your brand have what it truly deserves. “A passionate & Committed team”

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